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A clean look for AR

Augumenta were on the verge of releasing their Studio tool and offer more developer control over their Augmented Reality panel software. The exhibition circuit was coming up and they needed a fresh look for their web site and print design.

The brief was three-fold: to develop an upgraded look for their online presence to coincide with the launch of Augumentas new development tools, implement a design scheme for the Augumenta Studio interface builder, and to create an effective print flyer for promoting the new tools on the exhibition circuit.

Opening the platform up to outside developers meant they needed to be able to more effectively communicate and demonstrate use cases and offer a call to action.

We designed a series of new graphics to concisely outline the process of building an AR application on the Augumenta platform. The Build → Wear → Augment → Connect graphics were designed to demonstrate the simplicity of working with the new developer platform.

These graphics were also used in the print materials. The brief called for the print materials to be content-rich, but we used some key design techniques to ensure that the key points about the tools and its use cases were emphasized. Throughout the process we focused on keeping a consistent design and color scheme throughout the print and web designs.



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