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Helping You Go Global

Learn how BDigital can help your business reach a global audience with localization services.

If you are looking to expand your business into an international market, talk to us about localization. Bdigital can help get your services ready for localization by implementing true multi-language, developing translations and adjusting UI.

True multi-language means dedicated localized content for each area or language you are targeting, rather than including multiple languages on a single page or interface. This allows your interface to be cleaner and offer a better user experience, improves search ranking (SEO) and tailor content.

Our partners can handle all of your content and interface translation. You can tailor content for different regions to improve relevance and relatability.

Sometimes you might need to adjust the UI to be better suited for a local audience. We can consult and suggest when adjusting your UI may be appropriate for a particular country.

Learn about our design for Woodpecker Learning, a site with ten+ languages

Talk to us today about localizing your product or service with a free consultation.


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