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Bdigital can build, integrate and maintain E-mail and SMS services.

Bdigital can help you to incorporate reliable and appropriate e-mail and SMS services into your project. We work with all major e-mail and SMS service providers including Amazon SES, Mailgun, Mailchimp and Vonage.

Ensure that your websites e-mails or direct marketing materials are received by your audience, avoid bounces and being blacklisted for spam by using appropriate E-mail APIs with proper security such as Amazon SES and Mailgun.

Coming Soon: Learn how Bdigital implemented Mailgun for scheduled e-mail marketing

Manage mailing lists with popular SAAS mail-list tool Mailchimp. Integrate Mailchimp into your e-Commerce store to enroll new customers on to your mailing list. Use Mailchimps built in tools to ensure compliance with local e-mail marketing regulations.

Learn how Bdigital integrated Mailchimp for MoonLab Foods online store

Utilize SMS messages for two-factor authentication (2fa) security on your critical projects or administration interfaces. Bdigital can help you build your own SMS server and API using our custom software or help you integrate with a popular SMS API such as Vonage.

Coming Soon: Learn how Bdigital created an SMS API for Facial Recognition Alerts

E-mail and SMS can play vital roles within your business for marketing, feedback and security. Talk to Bdigital today and get a free consultation about our E-mail and SMS services.


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